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Bond-Boyd’s Unmistakable Style

For many years Bond-Boyd has been recognized as one of the leading designers and producers of fine Toronto jewelry. We have come to be known for our exceptional craftsmanship and style and we continue to lead the industry in excellence.

Our jewelry in Canada is available in many boutique shops and can also be bought around the world. This is only another testament to the far reaching influence that our jewelry lines have on the corporate jewelry market around the world.

Commemorative Corporate Jewelry form Bond-Boyd

We supply tourists across Toronto and Canada with 14 karat gold products and finely crafted maple leaf pins. Our custom corporate jewelry designs also include a range of commemorative corporate jewelry for special events like the badges and pins used by the Toronto Police, Transit Authority and the Fire Department, among other government agencies.

Some of our valued clients include:
  • Health and Educational Institutions;
  • Private Industries;
  • Large Corporations;
  • Government Agencies; and
  • Corporate Services and Marketing Agencies, to name a few.

We have always been committed to producing only the finest jewelry and over the years we have crafted an unmistakable style that is unique to Bond-Boyd. Our corporate jewelry products are revered because of their craftsmanship and the level of skill that goes into its design and execution.

We continue to work hard to raise the bar in the industry and to produce quality and affordable jewelry found right here in Toronto.

If you would like to learn more about Bond-Boyd and our corporate and recognition jewelry services, contact us today. We look forward to providing you with affordable, quality and exquisitely designed recognition awards.

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