Staff loyalty is something that you can never put a value to. Recognition awards are a great way to validate your employees and to show them that you recognize their contributions to the company.

Quality and Lasting Ceremonial Medals from Bond-Boyd

Over the decades, the Canadian Government has contracted Bond-Boyd to create numerous ceremonial medals for presentations and ceremonies. We take as much pride in manufacturing some of Canada’s highest honors as we would in producing your medals of distinction.

Whatever the occasion, be it sport, music, community involvement or any other achievement, Bond-Boyd can create a unique, durable presentation medal.

We make our ceremonial medals available in bright or brushed styles that come in:
  • Precious Gold;
  • Sterling Silver (Gold or Rhodium Plated);
  • Brass (Gold or Rhodium Plated).

Ceremonial Medals from the Leader in the Industry

Our team of manufacturing professionals is at hand to help bring your vision for your company’s ceremonial medals to life. Through our many years of industry experience gained from first hand understanding of the requirements of our varied clientele, we are able to design and produce medals to specification.

Since 1940, Bond-Boyd has been hard at work producing the very best quality ceremonial medals for our valued customers. If you would like to learn more about our services and products and to learn why we are considered one of the leaders in the ceremonial medals industry, then contact Bond-Boyd today.

Our aim is to always provide our customers with only the very best value for their money. Our services can be entirely tailored to suit your requirements and budget. We look forward to working with you and helping you produce the best quality and most durable ceremonial medals possible.

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