Leading Corporate Jewelry Company in Canada since 1940

From the beginning, Bond-Boyd & Co. Limited has meant quality.  Bond-Boyd's quality and craftsmanship sets the standard for the Corporate Jewelry industry in Toronto. Established in 1940, The Bond family had a vision to launch a manufacturing company that would design and produce jewelry of style and distinction. 

Our products are designed for excellence to suit your corporate image. We work hard to continue setting the bar as one of the leading Corporate Jewelry companies in Canada. Our reputation as industry leader is hard-earned and well-deserved.  Through company values, hard work and classic and timeless designs Bond-Boyd became a leader in the jewelry industry.  Bond-Boyd jewelry has been featured nation-wide from small boutiques to large department stores and to this day Bond-Boyd still remains a family owned and operated business.

We have been in business over 75 years in the Corporate Jewelry industry in Toronto.  As a company we have said from day one…. “Bond-Boyd means Quality” We will work with you to design and produce the very best quality Corporate Jewelry for your specific occasion and requirement.  Bond-Boyd & Co Limited since 1940.

Leading the Way Forward in Toronto Corporate Jewelry

The team behind Bond-Boyd is passionate about Corporate Jewelry and about our industry. Our entire line is manufactured right here in Canada at our Toronto, Ontario facility, giving us complete control over the entire manufacturing process. Each stage of fabrication is closely monitored for quality and detail. It deserves repeating, we don’t import and ship from Canada, we manufacture and ship from Canada. That’s the Bond-Boyd difference, products truly Made in Canada.

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to far exceed all expectations placed on us by our valued customers. We are proud of our long service history spanning many decades and we continue to build on the success that our family Corporate Jewelry Company has enjoyed.

Let us put our years of experience to work for you. Bond-Boyd,  leaders in the Corporate Jewelry industry in Toronto and North America since 1940 will help you create the best quality Corporate Jewelry available.

To learn more about our value-adding products and services and to find out why we’re considered one of the top Corporate Jewelry companies in Canada, contact Bond-Boyd today.