Each of our Badges is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship required by Enforcement Agencies, First Responders, Security Agencies and Governments. You may have seen many of them without realizing that they were custom designed and crafted to perfection by Bond-Boyd.

Quality and Corporate Badges Made to Order from Bond-Boyd

Bond-Boyd is responsible for producing some of Canada’s most visible badges – from major police forces to large security companies and corporate badges . We produce quality badges to order, that can help you to get the very best value for your money.

For many decades we have been working with Canadian businesses to produce custom enamel badges that live up to the standards and expectations placed on Bond-Boyd. We continue to lead the way in the industry and work hard to produce only the very best quality products available.

Quality Finished Corporate Badges

All our badges to order come with either a bright polish or brushed finish, plated in gold, or rhodium (silver). Bond-Boyd is exceptionally proud of our long history of service, providing affordable custom enamel badges  to Canada since 1940.

Many of Bond-Boyd’s corporate badges are filled with coloured enamel. Almost any colour enamel can be used to finish the badge to a customer’s specification. Our custom enamel badges are exceedingly popular and we continue to produce these products and services to the overwhelming satisfaction of our valued clients.

At Bond-Boyd we continue to lead the industry in excellence and work hard to provide our clients with only the very best value for their money. If you would like to learn why we are classified as leaders in the corporate badge and custom enamel badge industry, then contact Bond-Boyd today.

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